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 We will match Mazuma prices, check their valuation here. Cash paid on the same day. Press the "sell my phone" button below and fill in the form to confirm your sale.


 How does selling your phone for cash works?

 1. Search For Phone Value

Find how much your device is worth. Simply type in your phone model at and select the exact model of your device. This will give you our most up to date prices.

3. Bring Your Device

Bring Your Device to VVPhones, 216 Radford Rd, Coventry CV6 3BQ. Fill out the online form to guarantee cash the same day.

2. Claim Your Price

Claim Your Price* by filling out the form below. Give as much information as you can. This will speed up the process so we can pay quicker.

4. Receive Cash In Hand

To Receive Cash, bring your ID and email confirmation with you, along with all accessories. This will help to make sure we can pay top prices.

Frequently asked questions

Who are VVPhones in Coventry?

Welcome to VVPhones, a leading provider of mobile phone repairs in and around Coventry UK. We offer a full range of repairs services for mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and laptop products. Our services are designed to cater for customers everyday needs at reasonable prices and professional service. We undertake all types of repairs including damaged screens, virus problems, slow speeds, start-up problems and others.

Why Sell Your Phone to VVPhones?

We think you should know exactly how much you’re going to get for your phone upfront, whether your phone is working or faulty, rather than having to send it off and waiting for it to be assessed and valued. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to remove personal information from your used mobile phones prior to selling them, or we can do this for you in store!

How Do I Sell My Phone to VVPhones?

Simply pop into our VVPhones branch in Daimler Green, Coventry and we will get an engineer to assess your device. Our same day cash payment service ensures you are paid immediately after your mobile has been tested. Use your trade-in value to pay for a new device or accessories.

How Do We Test The Devices?

Once we receive your phone, we’ll test it to check it works. If we find anything wrong with it (e.g. water damaged, missing button, faulty screen, etc.) we’ll grade the phone depending on the market value.

How Can I Receive Top Price For My Phone?

It’s surprisingly easy to sell mobile phones with us. Not only do we pay brilliant prices for mobiles but also pay cash on the same day. Simply ensure the device has some battery life and we will check the rest and offer you the best possible price! We will always match a price from Mazuma. Just follow this link to check your phones valuation.

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