Tablet repairs in Coventry

We offer a wide range of tablet repairs in Coventry - whether you need a quick screen replacement, experience battery or button issues or need diagnostics as you're not sure what's causing problems in your tablet, we've got you covered.

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At VVPhones, we offer an extensive range of repairs on the following tablet brands:

• iPad • Lenovo • Amazon Fire • Samsung Galaxy Tab • Microsoft and many more!

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VVPhones offers a wide range of tablet repairs in Coventry!


Tablet Screen Replacement and Repair ‧​ Tablet Battery Replacement ‧ Tablet Charging Port Repair ‧ Tablet Glass Replacement ‧ Tablet Microphone Repair ‧ Tablet Front And Back Camera Repair  ‧ Tablet WiFi Repair Tablet Water Damage Cleaning ‧ Tablet Data Retrieval  Tablet Diagnostics ‧ Tablet Volume and Mute Buttons Repair ‧  Tablet Speaker And Mic Repairs

We offer the full range of tablet repairs in our Coventry Shop and are open for walk-in customers 7 days a week. 

We also offer a Collection & Delivery tablet Repair within the Coventry area.*

Below we listed the most common tablet repairs. If your issue is not listed below, feel free to contact our specialists for more information and get a quote or free advice.

*Available within 10miles of CV6 3BQ.

iPad and Tablet Repairs General Information and Procedures for Repairs

Whenever possible, we recommend that you backup your data from your iPad or Tablet before booking a repair. We never intentionally remove the data or access any of your applications unnecessarily, but there is a minimal chance of data loss during a repair. We are not liable for the loss of any data should it occur. Backing up your data gives your the reassurance that all your files are safe and secure throughout the repair of your iPad or Tablet and can be easily resorted if something unexpected happened.

After you book your tablet for a repair, we will ask you for any lock codes or passwords for access. We ask this to test your tablet after the repair is completed. Our Technicians have a fiduciary responsibility towards the safety of your data, therefore technicians won’t access any application or files that are not required to test your Tablet or iPad.

We understand the customers who are not comfortable giving our technicians lock code or password information. In those cases, the technician will wait until you come to collect your device before testing it properly.

Depending on the repair that’s being carried out on your iPad or Tablet, we give different warranty periods. Check with one of our representatives when dropping or collecting your tablet.

Most common iPad and Tablet repairs that we carry out include:

iPad and Tablet Glass / LCD Replacement

Whether it’s an iPad or Tablet from any other brand, as soon as the glass brakes it needs replacing. With iPads and Tablets, we offer both glass and LCD screen replacements. 

If the glass is okay, but the touch is not responding on your iPad or Tablet, in most cases, you need a new screen.

iPad and Tablet Headphones Jack Repairs

If you are experiencing a problem with sound on your headset, when connected to your tablet or iPad, we would look into repairing your headphones jack port.

If the port is beyond repairable, we would replace the component for you, so you could enjoy your videos, music and calls from your device.

iPad and Tablet Battery Replacement

There are two main reasons why your Tablet or iPad battery would need replacing.

The first one is that the battery of your device is not holding charge. The battery dies out really quickly after you fully charge it. This means one thing you need your tablet battery replaced.

The second issue with the battery is when you plug in the charger to your iPad or Tablet and the battery doesn’t charge at all. Here we either need to replace the battery, charger or repair your dock connector. All of those repairs can be done at VVPhones.

Tablet and iPad Volume and Mute Keys Repair and Replacement

If you find yourself in a situation when the volume keys on your iPad or Tablet stop working this will generally mean that you need the volume keys replaced. This issue is diagnosed by checking the volume and noticing that it either doesn’t go up or down.


Same with the mute button, you will realise there is a problem if it doesn’t respond or you have problems with the button when pressed.

Volume and Mute Buttons repair for tablets and iPads is another work VVPhones carries out for their customers.

Tablet and iPad Speaker and Mic problems

When it comes to problems with the tablet speaker, you will notice sound problems when playing music or videos, as well as sound issues when you’re having video conversations.


iPad and Tablet speaker issues mean that you can’t hear the caller or whatever you play from your tablet. If that’s the case, just bring your device into VVPhones. Our Technicians will diagnose the problem for you and advise the timeframe for the repair.

Front or Rear Camera Repair in Tablet and iPad

The front camera needs repairing when your notice that there are marks on your lens or you don’t get a display from your front camera at all. We will help you and replace the camera using the original components.

No display from your iPads or Tablets rear camera? The same repair as above will probably need to be carried out - tablet and iPad back camera replacement. 

You may have a problem with your tablet camera lens in either the back or front camera component. Regardless, if it’s broken glass on the lens or photos come out with marks, we can help you.

Tablet and iPad Water Damage

Dropped your iPad or Tablet into the water? Spilt a beverage over your tablet? Don’t panic, but we have to act quickly to save it. The quicker we clean your devices and its’ logic board to remove the residue, the bigger chances we have of saving your iPad or Tablet after contact with a liquid.


After we cleaned your device we will need to keep it for 24 hours and draw out the leftover moisture from each and every part of it.


Hopefully, after the work is carried out you will have your working tablet back, but remember after contact with water we must act quick!

iPad or Tablet Power button replacement or repair

The faulty power button in an iPad or Tablet can be diagnosed in a very simple way. Just answer this question - Is your iPad or Tablet not responding when the power button is pressed?

If the answer is positive then we would need to replace or fix the power button. The solution depends on the fault and what's causing the issue with your power button.

iPad or Tablet Dock Connector Issue

Dock connector, known as charging port, the fault is quite obvious. You connect your tablet to a charger and nothing happens. This can mean two things either your charger needs replacing or your dock connector needs repairing. If you are not sure, just bring your iPad or tablet to VVPhones and we will carry out Free Diagnostics to find what’s the issue and advise you on the quickest and most affordable solution.


You may have problems with syncing an external microphone with your tablet, or after you plug the microphone in it doesn’t work. Again, here we would have to assess what’s causing the issue and take appropriate steps. For Diagnostics, please come to our store or contact us to book a Collection of your device.